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We Americans and people in all the more developed nations have plenty to be thankful for. Most of us enjoy a higher standard of living with a longer life expectancy than ever before in history. In many ways, we’re much better off than kings just a hundred years ago.

For example, we have rapid transportation and instant communication to anywhere on the planet. We can visit with and learn about cultures that our ancestors never even knew existed.

Great opportunities

And in democracies like the United States, we the people have great opportunities to make major changes in our world. For better or worse.

We can go on consuming so much non-renewable energy that we threaten our entire planet, or we can fund research and alternative energy development that can help save our planet. The choice is ours.

We can also end world poverty. Hearts & Minds is working on the detailed specifics to show how readily this could be achieved. We’re also preparing a global grassroots lobbying campaign to make it happen.

Terrorism is not as pleasant a part of modern life, especially with the ongoing danger that terrorists will get weapons of mass destruction. We humans have powers of destruction that our ancestors never even thought to fear.

But there are ways we can get to the roots of the terrorism problem, too. Hearts & Minds is working on this.

And you can do something about any of these challenges right now. Please see our Global Survival Campaign.

Something to be very thankful for

So, with great power to make positive changes, we the people have greater opportunities than ever before to change the course of history.

That’s something to be very thankful for – and to work to make it real.

A short note

I wanted to share this e-mail I just sent to one of our governing board members, after he thanked me for sharing some info that might be helpful to his work to help millions of people in Sub-Saharan Africa:

On 11/21/06, Dave Peterson wrote:

Thanks, Bill. I look forward to our board meeting!

I replied:

And thanks for your interest and encouragement over the years, Dave.

I believe we can also look forward to the day when millions more people will find much of the same purpose, satisfaction and joy that we find making a difference for people all over our world…

At Hearts & Minds we say, We’re here to help.


See below for easy ways you, too, can get involved:

Here’s a good way to do so:

We Can Help End Global Hunger and Poverty

– for less than the Marshall Plan – a letter you can send to your elected representatives

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