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Help disrupt extreme poverty

A child dies from poverty-related causes every five seconds – 6.2 million children every year.1 Hearts and Minds volunteers work to combat extreme global poverty with unparalleled efficiency and impact. Our organization does $7 of work for each dollar donated.

Launch your Hearts and Minds Crowdfunding Campaign today.

Your support helps our work to reform tens of billions in foreign aid – more funds than given to all international charities combined. We also advocate for trade and foreign policies that can add hundreds of billions of prosperity – for both the world’s poorest and us.

Hearts and Minds shows how each of us can help empower the world’s poorest to help themselves.

Small actions spark big changes. Even the smallest steps move things in the right direction. Sign up today at Hearts and Minds Crowdfunding web pages.

And the more you do, the more we can do.

It’s easy to take the next step.

Thank you for joining our volunteer-driven crowdfunding campaign!

World Health Organization (WHO), 2018.

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