Introduction to Our Platform

How we can help millions of people – and ourselves

The Hearts and Minds Platform is an ambitious and achievable plan to help end extreme global poverty more quickly and cost effectively.

We advocate more effective aid, free and fair trade, microfinance and other social entrepreneurship innovations. These low-cost methods already help millions of people lift themselves from poverty.

Making it work

Common sense on extreme poverty is sometimes missing. For example, helping prevent famines is less expensive than emergency food aid.

Programs should include strong incentives for honest and efficient management. Aid should be conditional on cooperation and transparency in the host nations.

More aid can go directly to the people who need it most. They have the biggest incentive to make sure it’s effective.

Incentives for effectiveness help motivate donors, aid workers, and those who receive the aid. Additional resources can go to the most effective individuals and organizations, as evaluated by the aid recipients themselves and confirmed by impartial third parties.

The most ambitious and achievable platform

Based on extensive research, considering advice from numerous experts in the field, Hearts and Minds advocates methods that will help millions more people lift themselves from poverty: The Hearts and Minds Platform.

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