Why is There Extreme Poverty

Extreme poverty persists due to:
  • Limited access to resources.
  • Weak economies unable to provide jobs.
  • Lack of education.
  • Government policies that don’t work.
  • Corruption.

People need some help to lift themselves from poverty.

Government problems

Many developing nation governments are weak or corrupt. This makes it difficult to collect taxes and provide badly needed services. Without clean water, sanitation, roads, basic public health and education, extreme poverty continues.

These governments steal or misuse taxes and foreign aid. It is wasteful to keep giving billions of dollars directly to them.

Wealthy nation governments often set trade and foreign aid policies that do more for wealthy special interests than the people who need help most.


All the food and resources to help end poverty are available. When enough people like you and me support better policies, extreme poverty can end.

It helps to know how poverty feels

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