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Our Mission

Hearts and Minds works to help end extreme global poverty more quickly. Our public education and grassroots advocacy raise support for the most achievable, cost-effective methods.

Making an Impact

Thanks to many volunteers and donated goods, we achieve more than $7 of work for every dollar we spend.

Organization Culture

Helping end extreme global poverty is now the key focus of Hearts and Minds, a nonprofit founded in 1996 to help you change the world.

Open Positions


Seeking CRM volunteers to help us with our forms and database for events, petitions, volunteer and donor recruitment and relations, and emailing.


Seeking content publishers, taking what’s written and approved and posting it into the website.


Handle SEO for our website so its pages are represented accurately in search engines, presenting information in ways that make it easier to find the organization.

Perks & Benefits


Flexible Hours Available

You can schedule flexible times, convenient for you. Start and end any time.

Outings and Events

For fun, learning and to help change the world! We have no surcharge for these events.

Unpaid internships, co-ops and more

Students may fulfill community service or internship requirements and gain valuable experience.

Develop skills

Build on your experience with your choice from a wide range of hands-on activities in our various Working Groups

Foreigners welcome

We often have volunteers from many nations. Volunteering provides excellent opportunities to improve your English.

Special Needs

We gladly consider additional software or equipment to make your experience here more comfortable, effective and fulfilling.

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