Direct Service Overseas

Direct Service Overseas

Expanding our impact

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Hearts and Minds seeks partnerships with cost-effective organizations that empower people to lift themselves from extreme poverty.

What we can offer

We’re interested to provide you with an initial donation of up to US$20,000 to help start or expand specific projects. We may also provide, initially on a limited basis that may expand over time:

  1. Volunteers from the USA
  2. Marketing, communications and management advice
  3. Publicity for your organization
  4. Consideration of additional ways we can help
Selection criteria

The organizations we seek are financially transparent, cost effective and clearly demonstrate their results and impact. Qualifying organizations are not affiliated with any religion or political party.

We are interested to help in the following areas and fields:

  • Microfinance, sustainable agriculture, basic health, innovative helpful products, direct cash transfers or other examples of social entrepreneurship
  • NGOs that provide a wider range of services to help in a more comprehensive way
  • Organizations that promote civil society, for example legal reforms.
  • Projects in urban or rural areas
Costa Rica

Towards this goal, Bill Blackman was in San Jose in March 2020, but this visit was shortened due to COVID-19 virus precautions. We hope to return there and visit other nations.

Bill also speaks French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

How you can help

You – or others you might recommend – could help us gather first-hand info on who’s doing some of the best work in any developing nation. We may provide funds, volunteers and publicity to expand their impact.

If you work for or can suggest organization(s) that may qualify, please Contact Us.

Thanks for your interest!

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