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Who We Are

Hearts and Minds is a nonprofit organization founded in 1996. We work to help end extreme global poverty more quickly.

A priority is to reform America’s foreign aid and to expand the most achievable, cost effective programs helping people lift themselves from extreme poverty worldwide.

Our grassroots public education and advocacy raises support for comprehensive, expanded programs. This includes proven techniques such as free and fair trade, microfinance, sustainable agriculture and social entrepreneurship.

Bill and many volunteers

Hearts & Minds

These initiatives already help millions of people lift themselves from poverty, but millions more are not yet included.

We also work to reform America’s trade and foreign policies.

In our New York City office, we provide a wide range of vocational experience for 30 – 50 volunteers a year. They’re from local communities and around the world.

Thanks to volunteers and donated goods we get more than $7 of work done for each dollar we spend.


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