New Ways to End Poverty

A Unique Approach


FOR RELEASE October 17, 2019

Contact: Bill Blackman, Founder & President
Hearts and Minds
134 West 29th Street, Suite 810
New York, NY 10001
Phone: 1-212-280-0333
Cell: 1-917-428-1061
E-mail: [email protected]

NEW YORK, NY – At a time of growing income inequality, cynicism and extremism, a nonprofit has ideas that can change the world. Hearts and Minds, founded in 1996 by Bill Blackman, is launching its new website and social media campaign for its most inspiring idea to date – together, we can help end extreme global poverty more quickly.

Their slogan is: Together we will change the world!

New ideas
The organization brings innovative methods and a unique vision of how to end extreme global poverty. Blackman says: “It cannot be done through the transfer of billions of dollars to poorly managed governments and often limited nonprofits. It can be done by directly distributing aid to the world’s neediest individuals and communities bypassing corrupt special interests.”

The Hearts and Minds website,, highlights the challenge of world poverty, which causes epidemics, environmental destruction, famines, political instability, refugee crises, wars and terrorism worldwide. It’s also a clear, practical guide to how we can best address an urgent issue.

The need is great
Every five seconds, a child dies from poverty-related causes – an alarming rate of 6.2 million children every year1. In Sub-Saharan Africa, 122 million more people are in extreme poverty than in 1990.2

Hearts and Minds’ unique approach is to reform America’s foreign aid efforts, unfair trade practices and onerous loans made to dictators. Instead, they advocate greatly expanding the best, proven poverty programs. These will enable all necessary resources and methods, already in existence, to reach the world’s poorest – empowering them to lift themselves from extreme poverty.

It is the world’s most ambitious and achievable platform.

How can this be done?
Hearts and Minds recognizes that if we can:

REFORM wasteful and corrupt foreign aid practices.

CHANGE policies that subsidize the wealthy and hurt the poor.

EXPAND proven, cost-effective programs that already help millions of people.

We can alleviate and in many cases eliminate poverty.

Extreme global poverty threatens the lives of millions of people, future generations – and us. Our growing campaign works to inspire, educate and empower the public. We the People can powerfully advocate the most effective solutions,

— says Blackman.

His long-term volunteer activism and accomplished marketing background empowered him to start this campaign. Frustrated by governments and nonprofits not fully addressing “global survival issues,” Bill worked with many other volunteers to create Hearts and Minds.

The Hearts and Minds website is a clear, practical guide to world poverty – and how grassroots public education and advocacy can work to lift people from poverty. Most of all, the Hearts and Minds site shows how each of us can help.

Even small actions cause big changes! You can sign the petition today.

For more information on Hearts and Minds or Bill Blackman, please visit or call Bill at: 212-280-0333.

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Sources: 1 World Health Organization (WHO), 2018, 2 World Bank 2012 – 2016.

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