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Brazilian Feijoada Feast

Hearts & Minds is serving a very special Brazilian Feijoada fundraising dinner this Saturday, March 21. Since the home location, food, and cooking are donations, all contributions will go to our End Poverty Campaign.

What’s for dinner?

A feijoada is a hearty stew made with black beans and several meats, usually pork and beef, bacon and sausage. Considered Brazil’s national dish, it is popular with rich and poor alike and served from the smallest local diners to the largest upscale beach hotels across the country. It is served with several side dishes such as rice and fried collard greens.

Feijoadas were reportedly created by African slaves in Brazil during the sixteenth century using leftover meats and relatively cheap ingredients like rice. However, this origin is contested by historians who believe it was derived from traditional Portuguese and French pork and bean dishes.

Brazilians traditionally prepare their feijoadas with every part of the pig, right down to the curly tail, but usually offer a “light” recipe for the benefit of tourists. Hearts & Minds will serve this version, which doesn’t use pork trimmings, like the ears and tail, and is much lower in calories and cholesterol.

If you don’t eat meat…

For our guests who are vegetarian or kosher, we will serve a vegetarian black bean stew instead. We will also serve caipirinhas, the traditional cocktail served with feijoadas. They are made with cachaca, a Brazilian liquor similar to rum, and a variety of tropical fruits. Hearts & Minds will serve them both virgin and with alcohol so there will be something for all to enjoy.

Please check our official announcement for more details.

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