Last Updated on March 13, 2021 by Elena Ciobanu

Our limitations

It’s good to question our limitations. I’m glad I did. I know I still need to.

All of us have limits – difficult, seemingly impassible barriers between us and what we’d like in life. No matter how justified our hopes and dreams may seem, no matter how many other people will also benefit if they join us, life can still coldly block us.

At times it can seem there’s nothing more we can do…

But that’s where we’re wrong. Often some additional study or thinking will show how we can change things. If not right away, eventually. And even if we can never change outside forces, we can always change how we relate to them.

That’s a lesson I’ve been learning, the hard way, wrestling with my limitations.

Looking back, I can see the things that blocked me made me more sensitive – and determined – to change things. For me, it started small.

A big nerd

Few people who knew me as a kid would predict that I could have an important role in helping end global poverty. I was often the kid everyone made fun of, on the playground, at sleep-away camp… just about anywhere, any time, it seemed. For years in high school I couldn’t convince anyone to be my friend.

I’m still basically a shy, nerdy guy. But I’ve been working for decades getting ever closer to my long-term goal – to help dramatically change the fate of billions of people.

Now, as Hearts & Minds’ End Poverty Campaign begins to grow, I can see old limits giving way. Of course I cannot guarantee that Hearts & Minds will succeed in ending extreme poverty worldwide, but I know we can make our best effort to help reduce poverty, starting small and continuing to grow.

Thoughts for you – whether nerd or high status, high achiever

I don’t think any of us should settle for less than our full potential. I hope you’re not selling short your abilities to make a difference in your own life and our world. It’s easy to do. And if you’ve achieved things that many admire you for, it’s perhaps even easier to settle in.

That would be a great loss – both for you and for everyone else whose life you can touch. You’ll find much greater satisfaction helping make the best world possible.

So I hope you’ll always stay open to the very best you can be.

And here’s some good ways to help empower you:

You Can Help End Global Hunger and Poverty
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