Last Updated on March 13, 2021 by Elena Ciobanu

Hearts & Minds’ Global Survival CampaignSMtakes on some very big issues – Poverty, Terrorism, and the Environment.

That’s plenty. But as we grow, we can address all three more and more effectively on an ever larger scale.

To start we’re heavily focused on helping end extreme poverty.

A major change

As our governing board agreed, this campaign is Hearts & Minds’ top priority, in addition to all the other work we’re doing helping millions of people.

I think our new focus is great. And we’re already making good progress for many kinds of help:

We’re talking with several organizations that may work with us to start lobbying for an end to global poverty. Working with them, we may be able to start a large campaign as a new Congress starts to meet in Washington.

We have interest from some dedicated, well-connected experts on poverty issues. Once we get a few, that will help us recruit many others. We seek as many as possible to lend power to this ambitious campaign.

There’s interest from potentially major donors. We plan to raise millions of dollars as quickly as we reasonably can to expand our campaign globally as quickly as we reasonably can – to help hundreds of millions of people help themselves, escaping poverty as quickly as they reasonably can.

Of course there’s plenty left to do.

Our goal is to have a nationwide lobbying campaign going this spring. And, based on some of the resources we’re in contact with, in a best-case scenario it could happen even sooner.

Stay tuned. Even better, join us.

We Can End Global Hunger and Poverty

– how you can help make it happen

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