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9:35 pm Tuesday October 10, 2006

How Hearts & Minds began – prologue to a potentially perspicacious and quite possibly most powerful proposal (We Can Change the World)
I did the following doodle while waiting for pancakes with my friend, Stephen Weinberg, at an April 1996 Sunday brunch, perhaps a particularly propitious day, astrologically speaking? 🙂

My drawing sparked a conversation that brought the decision to start Hearts & Minds, something I’d wanted and worked towards for many years prior to this doodle:

How Hearts & Minds Began

“Time for Change,” the April 1996 doodle that “started” it all

“Now It’s Time for Change with Lots of Neat Stuff YOU Can Do” – a propitious doodle that sparked the start of Hearts & Minds
Prelude to a potentially perspicacious and probably quite powerful proposal (We Can Change the World), this propitious doodle reads, “Now It’s Time for Change with lots of neat stuff you can do!” The two circles are tracings of my water glass and a cup of crayons provided by the restaurant for random doodling on our paper tablecloth. 🙂 The restaurant was on Broadway in Manhattan, NYC, about 2 miles from Hearts & Minds’ current office

Here’s a fuller history of how I started Hearts & Minds.

A decade after the aforementioned doodle, Hearts & Minds celebrated its tenth anniversary and its 4.7 millionth Hearts and Minds website visitor… and the best has yet to come!

You Can Help End Global Hunger and Poverty
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