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Our Ending Poverty Campaign asks for a huge shift in how entire nations see and do things.
It’s not surprising that most people are not going to instantly agree with us, even though I think what we’re asking for is only fair and common sense…

Many widely accepted ideas started as an uphill struggle…

So how do I stay motivated?

I remind myself that many powerful, beneficial ideas were not endorsed by most people right away.
I keep my long-term goals in mind.
I understand that setbacks often bring opportunities.
Though I feel discouraged at times, I realize the mood of the moment is often not a good reflection of our real prospects for the best success and happiness. That applies to everything from my personal mood to that of entire nations.
I also seek out sources of inspiration.

How can you stay motivated with whatever challenges you face?

Realize you have great, untapped power to help make very valuable changes in your own life, your family, community and world.
Know that you have unique talents and a role and no one else can fill.
Seek and find all kinds of valuable inspiration.
If you face serious personal challenges, seek the many sources of help you can find. This includes some very helpful books.
Think seriously about how you can do more good for others.
I bet you’ll find there’s more you can do than you first realized. Just be patient with yourself as you gradually learn and reach for your own personal greatness.

One way you can use your great power

You can join us now to help hundreds of millions more people:

We Can Help End Global Hunger and Poverty

– how you can help make it happen

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