Last Updated on March 13, 2021 by Anil Premlall

Let’s Celebrate Giving!

Today, is the International Day of Charity. We’d like to thank every person who makes our work ending extreme poverty possible. How much do you know why the International Day of Charity is celebrated?

September 5th was originally a Hungarian civil society initiative to commemorate the anniversary of the passing away of Mother Teresa. In 2012, the United Nations General Assembly officially declared September 5th International Day of Charity. Along with other United Nations’ international days, these are observed to educate the public on issues of concern and mobilize resources to address global problems.

(You can click here for other international days observed by the United Nations.)

But, what is the main purpose of this international day? Specifically, today’s goal is mobilizing people worldwide to alleviate poverty worldwide through volunteer and philanthropic activities.

Civic awareness and engagement plays an important role in creating significant and positive global change. We at Hearts and Minds work to accomplish this not just on the International Day of Charity, but everyday – since 1996: to create a real change by working to help end extreme global poverty more quickly.

Has this post inspired you to participate in volunteering or philanthropic activities? We welcome all individuals who share our passion and goals. Check out our website to learn how you can volunteer with us or donate to help end extreme global poverty.

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