Last Updated on March 13, 2021 by Elena Ciobanu

Movements that start small can change the world.

This is shown in the recent film, Amazing Grace. It’s about Henry William Wilberforce who in 1787 began working as a leader in the anti-slavery movement. At first no one came to his meetings.

Finally a few people started coming. At one meeting Wilberforce asked them, “Is there anyone here who’s not in my own family?”

Only one man raised his hand. He said, “I’m not related to you, but I’m also not here to support you. I’m with the opposition and only wanted to see what you had to say.”

Opposition to ending slavery

Many people said it was God’s will to have slavery, that the economic costs would be too great, etc.

Wilberforce kept working. The movement grew and eventually slavery was abolished.

The End Poverty Campaign also started small. But it may have faster success for several reasons:

Compared to Wilberforce’s time, we have far more affordable ways to quickly reach people all over the planet.

  • It’s the right thing to do.
  • Our own security depends on it: Justice brings peace.
  • There’s already growing public awareness and support for fighting global poverty, even if much of it is still focused on less ambitious plans.

Now you, too, can join the world’s most ambitious, innovative and achievable anti-poverty campaign:

You Can Help End Global Hunger and Poverty
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