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By Janet Lee, Interned at Hearts and Minds in 1999

I’ve been working at Hearts and Minds for a month and I’ve already learned a lot. When I found out about internship positions available here, I was really excited. I’m a student at the Wharton School of Business majoring in marketing and was looking for practical experience. What most attracted me to Hearts and Minds was its vision. A non-profit organization that utilizes marketing for social good – a pretty brave and worthy mission, don’t you think?

One of the best things about Hearts and Minds is it’s both young and innovative. This allows an intern to make an impact – to do real things. It’s pretty exciting to watch an organization grow.

This is a “real job.” Sure, you have your share of filing and phone calls, but how many internships out there allow you to work directly with its president? Here, your ideas are valued and welcomed.

I’ve already had a chance to work on many marketing projects. Right now, I’m helping to write the press release. Last week, I worked on the fund-raising campaign and participated in strategic planning.

I’m also learning many non-marketing skills that I didn’t really expect. My accounting knowledge has grown while helping with Hearts and Minds’ financial statements. And I’m getting a lot of practice in entrepreneurial management, helping to build this non-profit organization. There’s also plenty of opportunities to learn about graphic design and website building.

It’s both refreshing and inspiring to be part of an environment where people really care about what they’re doing. With just one more month to go before my internship ends, I’m thinking there will be lots more I’ll learn.

Janet was a student at Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.
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