Last Updated on March 13, 2021 by Revathy Devadass

Update on Our Campaign to End Extreme Poverty

We can’t change the whole world in a day, but we can make good progress every day.
For ten years we’ve built a website filled with very effective ways you can Help Yourself and Others. Over five million people have downloaded over 20 million articles from our website.

Recently we decided to make ending poverty our very highest priority. Over time, this work can help hundreds of millions of people while getting to the root of serious injustices in our world. This is our new focus and we’re working hard on it.

We’re already making good, preliminary progress. I’ve called dozens of other anti-poverty organizations, with several meetings scheduled this week. I’ll ask them to join our campaign to end extreme poverty in five years. If they’re not ready to fully join something that ambitious, I’ll explore other ways we can work together towards our common goals for ending poverty more quickly.

You can also get involved:

We Can End Global Hunger and Poverty

– how you can help make it happen

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