Last Updated on March 13, 2021 by Elena Ciobanu

Everyone says that young people are our future. But what do they think of the world we’re leaving for them? What can we learn from them? Plenty.

Our Youth for Change program gives young people a chance to raise their concerns and offer new ideas. Our most recent event was last Saturday, April 14.

We worked with 13 to 15 year olds at a Kipp Star College Prep Charter School in Harlem, near our office. It was great to see 22 young people interested enough to come at 9 am for a three hour program on their day off.

We taught them a bit on how to use art for more effective communication. They learned about global hunger and poverty, including these Facts on World Hunger and Poverty. Then they created some very nice artworks. We’ll put these artworks online fairly soon.

When young people from a disadvantaged background express heartfelt concerns, it shows that we all benefit from empowering everyone to raise their concerns and actively participate in our world.

Some of the kids expressed an interest in helping our campaign. That’s a good sign that members of the new generation want to get involved. They set a good example for us older people.

Now you, too, can join the world’s most ambitious, innovative and achievable anti-poverty campaign:

You Can Help End Global Hunger and Poverty
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