Last Updated on March 13, 2021 by Anil Premlall

 – a look at your full potential

It’s a big world. Life is difficult, sometimes confusing, often frustrating…

It can be difficult enough to control our own life, what to speak of making an impact on the world around us.

But your potential to make a difference is perhaps infinite.


Your influence now

Every time we see someone, we have an effect on them. If we’re friendly, they feel better. then, they’re more likely to relate well with others around them. These people in turn affect others.

The affect of any one action is perhaps limited, though who can say for sure?

You’ve probably heard that one flap of a butterfly’s wings can set in motion a chain of events. This eventually may cause, or prevent, a hurricane.

The same can work in human relationships, with the added fact that a positive action is more likely to bring further positive results (and not so likely to cause a hurricane : )

When we live our lives the best we can, our actions set an example that affects many people , sometimes in very profound ways.

Volunteering and giving to charity

When you volunteer or make a donation, you can make a difference far beyond the people you see day to day. That’s great, especially when you make sure the donation will be used well.

What’s the best thing you do?

How can you make the biggest possible difference? You can choose an issue that could help save millions of lives.

Your actions, and the example you set for others, can help build a movement to make a very big difference. that’s why we say, You can change the world.

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