How We Help Our Volunteers

Experience the satisfaction of helping us help millions of people. We can also help you.

We work to help all our interns and volunteers gain experience of lifelong value. You can gain from:

Career/Marketing Assistance
  • Participation in strategic planning and hands-on work in your choice from a wide range of interesting activities.
  • Our cooperation for your school’s course credit and independent study.
  • Occasional opportunities to network with professionals in your areas of interest.
  • Availability as a reference for you.
  • While volunteering, non-native speakers can get feedback to improve their English. We also suggest other places to practice English.
Additional benefits
  • Meet interesting, friendly, caring people and make new friends from New York City and around the world.
  • Serious consideration of your suggestions for making your experience more valuable and fulfilling.
For those who complete at least 100 hours
  • Letters of recommendation for what you did with us.
  • Advice on your resume, cover letter, school applications and/or marketing materials. Sample Advice.
  • Listing your business on our site (proportional to the value of help you give us, if it meets our ethical guidelines).

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