Court-Related Community Service Agreement

1. Scope and application

If your volunteering is court-related, then this Agreement applies to you, and you must fulfill the requirements listed below.

2. The parties

This is an Agreement between the Volunteer (hereafter also referred to as “I”) and the Hearts and Minds Network, Inc. (hereafter also referred to as “Hearts and Minds,” “the Organization,” and “they”) regarding my community service with them.

3. Informing the Organization

I understand I must inform the Organization in writing in advance that my volunteering is court-related. Signing this document is sufficient notice. If I fail to inform them, they are unable to certify that the hours I volunteered fulfilled their court-related community service requirements.

I understand that when they write letters to certify hours, they may add a summary of the charges and accusations that I informed them. They also include a statement that not fully informing them can be considered a violation of trust, since they need to protect the wide range of vulnerable individuals in their building.

4. Affirmation

I, the Volunteer, do hereby affirm that I have never been accused or charged by any jurisdiction’s legal authorities (“criminally charged,” “charged” or “charges”) or convicted of any of these crimes:

  • violence or threats of violence
  • illegal weapons possession
  • possession of potentially felony quantities of illegal substances
  • inappropriate sexual behavior

I also affirm that I have not committed or been criminally charged of any theft or fraud in the last 10 years.

If there are any exceptions to the paragraph above, I will put it in writing and include it with this document. I have the option to speak confidentially with the President of Hearts and Minds about this before I do so.

I hereby give the Organization full permission to investigate through online service providers and other means to find out whether there are any other factors that they may consider relevant to my suitability for volunteering with them in their shared space.

I understand that, due to the community of space sharers in their building, the Organization cannot accept all charges. It is important that they have an accurate description of my situation. I also understand that if I am unable to make this affirmation, the Organization is offering to make a good faith effort to help me find placement in another organization, so there is no need to feel pressured to falsely certify my fitness to sign this Agreement, or face possible reporting to the authorities when any such deception can be discovered by them. I can request their help finding another organization, no explanation required.

5. Conditions for volunteering

I understand that before I begin court-related community service with Hearts and Minds, I must provide them with the original, official document(s) that clearly explain the reason(s) for my service, specifying the original charge/offense and any decision(s) of the court. I will provide the Organization with a full summary of the charges in writing from official, verifiable source(s). If there was a plea bargain or a motion to dismiss my charges, I must still provide documentation of the original charges and their current status.

Additional information may be required under the discretion of the Organization.

When any of this paperwork does not exist, they may accept confirmation from my lawyer(s).

6. Reporting of hours

The Organization may not certify hours done outside their first-hand presence, due to past experience with possible fraud in this matter. Exceptions may be made, but only when approved in advance by the Organization, and only for hours that seem reasonable to the Organization.

I understand that they only credit hours when they decide the time matches tangible accomplishments even when I volunteer in their office. They will ask me to document this at the end of each day’s service. They reserve the right to reduce the hours I claim.

They will not certify time for projects they did not approve in advance or for “thinking,” vague internet research, conversations about their work with unspecified individuals, etc.

If I have any questions on what is acceptable, I am advised and welcome to ask in advance. Hearts and Minds values and appreciates my time.

7. Privacy

My information will be kept private. If the Organization decides that court documents do not sufficiently explain the alleged offense, I give them the right to contact my lawyer and/or the authorities. I am also willing to get a letter (or email) from my lawyer, if requested.

My lawyer’s correspondence must include their name, title, name of their law firm or nonprofit, publicly listed phone number and address for the legal practice. An email can be sent directly to our president, Bill Blackman, at: bill@heartsandminds.org. Similar information may be required from my social worker, probation or parole officer.

8. Precedence

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof. It supersedes all previous communications, understandings and agreements, written or oral. It cannot be changed except in writing from the Organization. They will attempt to give me reasonable notice of any changes.

I HEREBY AFFIRM that I have (i) carefully read this entire Court-Related Community Service Agreement, (ii) fully considered my options and responsibilities, and (iii) had all my questions answered. I understand the contents herein, fully accept and agree to abide by all these provisions.

I am either (a) at least 18 years of age and have the legal right and authority to enter this Agreement for myself, or (b) my parent or legal guardian has also signed below, authorizing my execution of this Agreement.

Please print and sign your full, legal name once on the same line below:
Date: ____/____/1__ ___________________________________________

If applicable, please have your parent or legal guardian print and sign their full, legal name below on your behalf:
Date: ____/____/1__ ___________________________________________

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